Were Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun at Ed Sheeran’s wedding?


Taylor Swift was in Paris last night for her “City of Lover” show continuing to promote Lover, her sixth consecutive #1 album. She’s been hinting that she might not tour Lover the way she toured reputation and 1989, that she might want to scale it back, perform in more intimate settings, and L’Olympia Bruno Coquatrix, the venue for her concert on Monday, which accommodates around 2,000 people, meets that requirement. I like the changeup.

It fits the mood for the album and, as I noted after her VMAs performance, I prefer Taylor with her guitar or at the piano rather than watching her keep up with the choreo. This is a show I would buy spend some money on because it allows for more variety, more change from one performance to another, because you don’t have to account for so many technical elements, and in that sense, each concert would feel more like it has its own identity.

In other Taylor news, as I mentioned yesterday, there was some fan-driven hysteria late last week that she was in Toronto for Shawn Mendes and to support Joe Alwyn at the Harriet premiere..

 Obviously that didn’t turn out to be true. Joe is now in Toronto as the world premiere for Harriet is tonight (he was seen at Soho House) but Taylor was in London on Friday and seen at Fleabag and the next day, Saturday, was reportedly Ed Sheeran’s wedding party in Suffolk. He already confirmed his marriage months ago and it was a small ceremony so this was the big celebration. Taylor and Ed are close so it would make sense for her to attend, although there are no pictures (yet). The joy of social media though is that the fans will dig up everything and what’s interesting is that there are rumours that Harry Styles and Niall Horan were also guests. And then Niall started following Joe on Instagram shortly after:

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