Why John Bolton had to leave and what to expect next


John Bolton had to go -- because he wanted to cancel President Donald Trump's worldwide reality show.
For a time the now ex-national security adviser, who first caught Trump's eye with his tough talk on Fox News, was useful to the President -- sharing his desire to shake up the globe.

But like everyone else in Trump's dysfunctional foreign policy team, Bolton wore out his welcome, standing in the way of his boss' impetuous instincts and seeking a share of the spotlight.

Only in the bizarre Trump orbit could the exit of a national security adviser seen an ideologue and aggressive hawk be seen in some ways as the removal of a stabilizing force.

But he did have a view of American interests and the use of US power that while hardline was predictable and logical and positioned within the historic boundaries of US diplomacy.

With him gone, Trump may have more leeway to indulge his more dovish instincts, which rarely match big talk with action. And US diplomacy is likely to reflect its principal author even more closely. It will be more impulsive, less strategic and more geared to creating iconic moments, like the President's stroll into North Korea with Kim Jong Un.

Democratic Rep. John Garamendi welcomed Bolton's departure given his "radical" instincts but warned of instability to come.
"This President has a mind of his own, often we wonder what is exactly in that mind ... chaos rules the day," Garamendi, a member of the House Armed Services Committee told CNN's Brooke Baldwin.


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